The effect of Omicron Convid-19 on waterborne paint market

April 2022 is arriving! For most Chinese, the Omicron Convid-19 is spreading rapidly in the spring of 2022 which makes us realize that the trend of the epidemic is extremely uncertain, and the epidemic will coexist with us for a long time, which will have a profound impact on us. The entire coatings industry is still being affected and developing. “Surge in raw materials” has been the keyword for the development of the coating industry while the active response is the reflection of the entire industry chain. The entire industry is exchanging time for space and waiting to gradually digest inventory and release demand from the downstream market, and active negotiation with downstream customers & appropriate price rising became a necessity for overcoming difficulties.
In another way, hidden opportunities exist wherever crisis there is. The epidemic has changed the living and working habits we hold, and the way of material procurement has become more multi-faceted. Consumers at all levels are more independent of offline procurement and are more and more accustomed to clicking the mouse and moving their fingers, which is convenient, fast, and convenient. As a result, a safer and more efficient way puts forward higher requirements.
The demand for environmentally friendly Waterborne coatings will further increase as the government’s environmental protection policies are getting higher and higher, but it will also be accompanied by the possibility of a major elimination. The speed at which traditional oil-based coatings are gradually squeezed out of the market is accelerating, and the personalized products may usher in an explosive period of concentration confronting increasingly fierce competition
Knowing is not hard but doing it. In the face of the ever-changing market, Jinlong Equipment adheres to its perseverance while practicing its internal management skills, and continuously strengthens product innovation, to accumulate strong momentum for the company’s survival and accumulation. The company keeps abreast of industry and market trends to adapt to changing market demands. Jinlong Equipment is striving to build the company into a new type of coat production enterprise with high resource utilization and strong core competitiveness.

Post time: Apr-15-2022