Waterborne Paint Market is expected to recover in 2022

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The prices of domestic chemical products have risen sharply throughout 2021, and various paint factories have also survived the whole year under huge cost pressure. However, compared with foreign countries, the effective control of the domestic epidemic is a positive effort to make the paint market active again. According to sources, the total output growth rate in 2022 is expected to reach about 5%, and the annual output scale is expected to exceed 25.8 million tons.
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From the perspective of the paint market, on the one hand, the domestic paint consumer group has gradually stabilized, the general trend is formed and the market has changed from the era of “reclamation” to the era of “intensive cultivation”; on the other hand, consumer’s demand has become more diversified which led to the “refinement” and “diversified” competition. Under the new situation, for paint companies, the extensive business model and single marketing form have been unable to achieve efficient communication with consumer groups. Paint brands urgently need to explore ways to restructure their marketing systems and upgrade their marketing effectiveness to better achieve their growth goals.
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Post time: Apr-15-2022