How to wash off waterborne paint


1.Rinse the cloth immediately cloth with water If the waterborne paint is accidentally stuck on the clothes. The stain can be easily washed off with clean water if the stain on the clothes is not particularly large.
2.If the paint is cured and covers a large area on your cloth, we can soak the cloth in water at first and scrub it with special purpose detergent, the detergent can interact with waterborne paint and break it down, after that, it could be easily removed and washed off with a soapy rub & clean water.
3.If the waterborne paint sticks to your hands, rinse it with water immediately. However, if it accidentally splashes into the eyes or sticks to the skin, flush your skin or eyes with a lot of water, and hospital attention will be necessary if you still feel uncomfortable
4.Anyway, waterborne paint is easy to be washed off if, so don’t worry about it!

Post time: Sep-01-2022